Behavioral Counseling

Don't you just adore it when your dog does that little head tilt? What about the way your cat purrs so loudly at just the sight of you that you can hear it from across the room? There are probably a million little things your pet does that make you smile. But what about that one behavior you could do without?

Bad pet behavior can stand in the way of you developing that all important human-animal bond and make it difficult to embrace your pet as a part of the family. The good news is, with the right guidance, it's not something you just have to learn to live with. Whatever unwanted behavior you're dealing with, the staff at Sudbury Animal Hospital can help!

The key is understanding what's causing your pet to act out. In many cases, the behavior you're experiencing isn't the actual problem at all, but merely a symptom. For instance, a pet that becomes destructive every time you leave home may actually be suffering from anxiety issues. In order to overcome the problem, we have to figure out what that problem is so we can develop a plan to address it.

Additionally, it's important that we rule out any potential medical causes for your pet's unwanted behavior. Some conditions have symptoms that are often misinterpreted as bad behavior. For example, your cat missing the litter box may have little to do with wanting to act out, but rather may be caused by a urinary tract infection or some other health problem. Before we move forward, we'll make sure your pet isn't actually just in need of medical care.

Some of the behavior issues we can provide assistance with include:

  • House Training Problems
  • Biting
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Aggression
  • Excessive Barking
  • Anxiety
  • Much More...

Once we've pinpointed the problem, and ruled out any medical causes, we'll work with you to provide the education, tools and guidance you need to overcome that bad behavior once and for all. Our team is experienced in animal behavior, and we know plenty of tricks and tips to help get your pet on the path to being a well-behaved, balanced member of the family. Through proven techniques, such as positive reinforcement and rewards, you'll begin to see real, permanent results in no time!

Let us help get rid of those few bad habits so you can focus on the million little things you adore about your four-legged friend!

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