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June 5, 2014

My dog goes crazy when he is on his leash and sees another dog…

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When we walk our dogs, we all want them to behave perfectly while on the leash. Some individuals will growl, bark or lunge at other dogs while out leash walking. It is important to recognize the triggers for your dog, in order to improve the behavior. Some dogs will only react to dogs that are bigger than they are, others respond to specific breeds. Some dogs are better when off lead and worse when on a leash. Some dogs are well behaved beyond a specific distance from the other dog. The first step in modifying and controlling this behavior is to recognize the triggers and also the frequency of the behavior. It is a good idea to keep a log of the episodes and specifically what happened: distance/breed/provocation. This is also helpful to monitor the success of treatment strategies. Another very helpful thing is to record an episode to show your veterinarian. At Sudbury Animal Hospital, we can look at the behavior and help to determine whether it is normal or abnormal.

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